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Originally Posted by clix2
the features i would like to see in the next firmware is stopping my clix from breaking everytime the backlight goes out
Breaking to what degree? Sounds like a faulty Clix2.

Originally Posted by moonjo View Post
Songs submenu for Artist; instead of having to choose Play All or go into albums.
Auto playlists: Recently added, Most played, etc.
Better shuffle: clix2 tends to linger around an artist more than other players; needs better random algo.
Adjustable volume range: volume goes up to 40 but highest I set was 15.
I found volume 1 too loud when I'm on the bed getting ready to sleep; not to mention the hiss - and no, it's not the headphone.
Also volume increment needs to be more subtle, there's too much jump between levels.
Would be nice if these changes/fixes are made but I'm not holding my breath..
I love most of the features you suggest. I understand where you're coming from with the sub-menu organization. I use this method for my main collection, but it's not great to use on a Clix since all my songs don't go on the player. Maybe 3-4 songs from one artist sometimes. Although, I don't use the volume increment feature and I commonly don't use random.
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